Schwanke Honors Institute

Kermit and Kathleen Schwanke Honors Institute for High School Students

June 12-24, 2016

We are pleased to announce that the Schwanke Honors Institute will be held from June 12-24, 2016. Students will take one of three courses, each of which will be taught by outstanding faculty members associated with the Davidson Honors College. Courses will incorporate a "hands-on" approach designed to enhance learning and invite classroom interaction. Students who successfully complete one of these courses will receive two semester college credits. The courses offered are listed below.

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CRWR 191: Introduction to Creative Writing

This course will focus on the craft of creative writing and the essential components that make up a poem, a short story, and a personal essay. We, as a group, will determine what makes creative writing enjoyable to read and to write.  We will discuss published works and student works, sharing writing daily. To learn more about how one becomes a poet or writer, we will create a publication journey from inception to publication: exploring the sense, sound, and structure of many kinds of writing. At the end of our two-week course we will produce an anthology of poems and prose and give a public reading.

Prageeta Sharma is the author of four poetry collections: Bliss to FillThe Opening QuestionInfamous Landscapes, and the recent Undergloom (2013). She was a recipient of the 2010 Howard Foundation Award. She is a professor of English at the University of Montana.

M 191: Discrete Math

What is the best way to visit all the cities in Montana? Is it possible to color a map of the counties of Montana with 4 colors so that neighboring counties are colored differently? How does a GPS navigation system find the “best route” between two cities? What is the probability of winning the Montana Lottery 10 Spot?* 

The answers to these and other questions will be studied in this course on discrete mathematics. Students who enjoy solving puzzles, tinkering with problems and being exposed to new ideas and who want to broaden their knowledge of mathematics and increase their problem-solving skills should enroll. Inquiry-based exploration and group problem solving will be emphasized. 

* Sandra Klawitter, a student in the 2010 Schwanke Discrete Math class correctly calculated this probability and fixed an error that appeared on the MT Lottery web page.

Jenny McNulty is the co-author of a textbook on an area of discrete math: Matroids: A Geometric Approach (Cambridge, 2012).  Professor McNulty has many years of experience teaching mathematics at the University of Montana (UM) as well as in summer math camps at Rutgers University and Duke University. She is currently an associate dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences and a professor of mathematics at UM.  

MART 191: Digital Art in Motion

Everyone has a story to tell, and the possibilities expand dramatically when that story is created within the environment of twenty-first-century digital technology. The Digital Art in Motion class helps lead the way, providing the opportunity for students to write, design, record, and edit their own time-based digital artwork projects. It is a two-week, hands-on experience that integrates two industry-standard software programs, Photoshop and After Effects, and lays the foundation for integrated digital media arts at the college level.

The instructor for this course is Professor Greg Twigg, who is head of the Animation BFA at the School of Media Arts. His most recent project was as concept and storyboard artist and animator for “A Line in the Sand,” a short animation with a wild lands conservation message, touring festivals currently. 

Schwanke Honors Institute program photoEstimated Costs

(Note:  All costs subject to change.)

Tuition: $501.83 for Montana resident and non-resident students.

Lodging: The estimated cost for lodging (double occupancy for 12 nights) in a UM residence hall will be $252.00.

Meals: Students choosing the dinner plan only will pay $96.91, while those choosing the breakfast and dinner plan will pay $180.31. Those opting for the breakfast, lunch and dinner plan will be charged $268.97.  Most students choose the breakfast and dinner plan.  Be sure to bring extra money for meals not covered by the plan you select.

Scholarships: The Davidson Honors College provides scholarships that are awarded on the basis of financial need.

Schwanke Honors Institute Application (click here)

For further information, please call the Davidson Honors College at (406) 243‑2541