Schwanke Honors Institute

Kermit and Kathleen Schwanke Honors Institute for High School Students

June 11-23, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the Schwanke Honors Institute will be held from June 11-23, 2017. Students will take one of three courses, each of which will be taught by outstanding faculty members associated with the Davidson Honors College. Courses will incorporate a "hands-on" approach designed to enhance learning and invite classroom interaction. Students who successfully complete one of these courses will receive two semester college credits. The courses offered are listed below.

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CRWR 191: Introduction to Creative Writing

This course focuses on the craft of creative writing and includes three genres: poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction. We will address through reading, discussion, and writing the features of each form. Students will give a public reading featuring a work or excerpt selected from their portfolio. Writing is an exercise in faith and doubt—we will work to develop and sustain faith and overcome and banish doubt.

Robert Stubblefield has published fiction and personal essays in many prestigious journals and anthologies. His most recent essay, “Wrecks and Shells,” appears in the current issue of Southern Humanities Review.  Robert grew up in Eastern Oregon and now lives in Missoula, Montana and teaches at the University of Montana.

ENST 191: Sustainability: Exploring the Human Footprint

This hands-on, interactive course, will provide opportunities to explore sustainability through many different avenues. Today’s social and environmental opportunities demand a more nuanced and exciting definition of sustainability. Sustainability includes human communities and our behaviors but it also includes organizations, colleges, and social movements. This course is for students looking to get outside the classroom, make connections across a range of topics and disciplines, and think critically about our actions and opportunities.

As the UM Sustainability Coordinator, Eva Rocke facilitates campus-wide sustainability efforts including the implementation of greenhouse gas reduction strategies, exploration of renewable energy possibilities for UM, carbon offset purchasing, and various other projects to help UM reach its carbon neutrality goal. Her work also includes engaging the campus in all of these efforts and making the social and economic dimensions of sustainability part of UM's sustainability vision.

MART 191: Digital Art in Motion

Everyone has a story to tell, and the possibilities expand dramatically when that story is created within the environment of twenty-first-century digital technology. The Digital Art in Motion class helps lead the way, providing the opportunity for students to write, design, record, and edit their own time-based digital artwork projects. It is a two-week, hands-on experience that integrates two industry-standard software programs, Photoshop and After Effects, and lays the foundation for integrated digital media arts at the college level.

Greg Twigg is head of the Digital Arts & Technologies BFA at the School of Media Arts at the University of Montana. Greg, and a team of former Media Arts students, won an Emmy in 2016 for their motion graphic work and art direction on the film, Valley Uprising, a documentary about rock climbing in Yosemite Park, focusing on the rock climber’s lifestyles, traditions and clashing with the National Park Service.

Schwanke Honors Institute program photoEstimated Costs

(Note:  All costs subject to change.)

Tuition: $511.00 for Montana resident and non-resident students.

Lodging: The estimated cost for lodging (double occupancy for 12 nights) in a UM residence hall will be $264.00.

Meals: $177.00 breakfast and dinner

(Be sure to bring extra money for meals not covered by the plan you select.)

Group Activities: $50.00 (transportation & entrance fees for Institute activities)

Scholarships: The Davidson Honors College provides scholarships that are awarded on the basis of financial need.

Schwanke Honors Institute Application (click here)

For further information, please call the Davidson Honors College at (406) 243‑2541