Postdoctoral Teaching, Research and Mentoring (TRM) Fellowship Program

About the Program

Our 2017-19 Fellows

Student engagement is at the heart of the Davidson Honors College. To embody that mission, we are launching a Postdoctoral Teaching, Research and Mentoring (TRM) Fellowship Program. More than anything else we provide in terms of academic enrichment, professors who engage, inspire and educate are critical to our students success.

To ensure the highest-caliber experience for our students, we are enlisting exceptional postdoctoral fellows from top-tier universities worldwide to serve as teachers, research collaborators, and dedicated mentors to our students. A diverse range of scholars with innovative, interdisciplinary teaching and research specialties in a broad spectrum of subjects—from entrepreneurship to neuroscience, artificial intelligence to global extremism—will energize our students and our curriculum.

As emerging leaders in their fields, the TRM Fellows will also serve as research mentors to a cohort of students. They will collaborate with students to publish original research, develop new creative scholarships and connect students to both academic and professional opportunities.

The two-year duration of the fellowship allows for meaningful advising and mentoring relationships to develop between TRM Fellows and students, while serving as an innovative way to continually refresh the college's teaching and research strategies. As our Postdoctoral TRM Fellows move on to prestigious research and teaching positions following their appointments at UM, our students will have unique access to a growing network of influential champions and mentors around the country.

This summer we welcomed our first TRM Fellows to campus, Dr. Rachel Gross, from University of Wisconsin, and Dr. Eliot Graham, from Rutgers University via Harvard University. We welcome you to learn more about Dr. Gross and Dr. Graham, their backgrounds and cutting-edge research focuses.

The TRM Fellows program will be fully funded through philanthropy and private support, and we have a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the leadership gift from Ian and Nancy Davidson. Ian and Nancy have generously pledged to match dollar for dollar all gifts toward the next two TRM Fellowships.

Through this generous opportunity and challenge, your gift toward the TRM Fellow Program, and your impact on its success, will be doubled.

Together we will develop a world-class honors curriculum and research environment, equipping our students with the skills and experience needed to excel at the highest-level in the career path they pursue.